Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tweeting, Getting Ready for Author Visits, and Editing My Husband

I've been reading a lot of tweets since my last blog post - it's addicting, fun, fascinating, educational, and time consuming.  This takes away from my normal reading time, but in the long run it's reading on a whole new level.  There are readings of the clever, quirky, snarky, funny, boring tweets, as well as clicking on links to blogs, news sites, educational sites, author sites, etc which leads to lots more reading - it's a whole new reading world!

Meanwhile, I'm so happy to have a long commute (did you hear that? my husband's jaw just hit the ground since I often complained of the commute in order to get sympathetic massages - wink, wink!)  During said hour commute to work I get lots done.  At the bridge work stop, I read my friend feed.  By the time I hit the highway, I've been updated on all my football news with @MikeandMike, so that for my last 25min I can listen to an audiobook - ah, the joy and sometimes defeat of a great book on cd!

Currently, I'm listening to "A Dog's Life" by Ann M. Martin.  What a poetic author!  I love how she so convincingly writes this tale from the dog's point of view.  It's wonderful, it's sad, it's sincere, it's peaceful!  The saddest thing is I'm almost done and it's on to my next book which I'm reading to prepare for an author visit.  I have higher expectations for this next author than I did for the first one I had to read.  What torture that was!  I won't comment on which authors these were here, but you can certainly check out some of my latest reviews on Goodreads.

Lastly, I'm reading and editing my husband's writing.  You can learn more about him at the bottom of this blog. He is so creative and such a talented writer, but his mechanics need refining (ie spell checker) and since I read every word and pore over sentences and structure we are the perfect writing team.  I've irked him tonight though since I participated in #BB101 over on twitter (you can click on my twitter tag to follow me) and have been updating my Goodreads and Blog.  I am anticipating a fun weekend though as he has added over 5000 words to his very juicy book.  I can't wait!

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