Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's about the Blessings, 'Bitca'

I've just started following writer Natalie Whipple on twitter, check her out if you haven't, I'm also following her blog.  In honor of Natalie being a first time Buffy the Vampire Slayer watcher I've added 'bitca' in my title.  It has been fun following her as she experiences Buffy episodes for the first time and I try to remember the episode as she tweets about it.  As you know, that show ROCKED!  The writing was spectacular and anyone who remembers the episode where Xander showed his lack of spelling prowess will understand my 'bitca' reference.  I have a few 'bitca' comments to make, but then it's all about the blessings!

My husband (learn about him below) is fond of telling people that when he met me I was the cute, adorable, librarian of a quaint little K-2 school, then the K-5 librarian of a brand new 'green' school, (they tore down that quaint K-2 school #sad), and now the District Librarian traveling between schools in this K-8 district where there used to be 3 librarians and 3 schools.  Sign of the times, right?  Sadly, yes, and sadly not wanting to lose my job I went along with it, a smile on my face and only complaining to those family who would stand to hear it.  I lost one of my dear friends along the way - she was the librarian at the 6-8 school when the district decided to cut her position and leave me to be the district librarian servicing all schools.  I also lost that feeling of making a difference and having a library program that meant something.  But that's just the background so enough of the 'bitching' because despite these sad tidings there is some good news and that is where the blessings happen.

BOOKS!  BOOKS ARE THE GOOD NEWS!  Although I might not have as much time to read to students as I used to, the times I get are precious and so much fun!  I value it now more than ever because every opportunity is special and offers the chance to put another story and book into the hands of a bright young mind.  Books help us escape, they help us focus on something other than our problems and books teach us about all sorts of things.  They give us hope even when they are about a bleak and scary future.  Books are hope, they are dreams, they are possibilities, they soar, no matter the format.  Our job is to make sure we keep getting stories out there, to make sure students have books to read.

Speaking of getting stories into the hands of students, my school district was recently the recipient of some free ebooks.  This boon accomplished many things.  First, after 7 years I finally got our library server and software program updated.  Secondly, it has caused such a stir of excitement in the students because now not only can they check out books electronically, but they can make recommendations to their friends, to me and create reviews of the books.  I had the chance to look on the system this morning and see if I had any requests to process and there sat 25 book reviews needing approval and several book recommendations.  Wow, for me that was very powerful, students still like to read and they want their opinions to be heard and matter - I LOVE IT!

So even in some seemingly bleak times there is always books, banter, and Buffy to see us through and I'm incredibly thankful for the blessing of my job.  Now it's off to read more of my husband's great new novel.  I love the first chapter and the great hook at the end of it, creepy and intriguing all wrapped up in one and I can't wait to read more!

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