Monday, September 19, 2011

How Many Books Can You Read at Once?

 I wanted to share all the books and books and books I've been reading.  How many books can you read at one time?  As a librarian, I'm fortunate enough that I get to be surrounded by books all day long and I get to read them to students - EVEN BETTER, and EVEN BETTER STILL my 4yo active son, my 13yo. active step-son, and my 44yo active husband! 

I don't count picture books as books I'm currently reading although I probably read on an average 10/day.  What I love is that I have a long commute so I listen to audiobooks.  Have you ever talked to someone who sits in the car after arriving at her destination just to finish listening to the chapter?  That's me, although that sometimes gets me in trouble with the 'school' clock and the start of the day, but oh so worth it.

So what am I listening to?  Right now I'm in the midst of Ranger's Apprentice and so far I'm rather impressed with how John Flanagan has created this world.  I've been drawn into it without much work, perhaps it's listening to it, but I feel myself watching the movie in my mind and that is always a sign of well-written book for me.  I'm so thankful because I will be meeting Mr. Flanagan in November and creating activities for my students to prepare them for his visit, now it will be much easier! Phew!

A colleague emailed me today asking me to order some books he found on Amazon that might get his reluctant girl readers reading.  I love that he took the initiative to look for some books, but why didn't he ask me for a recommendation??  Right?  Hello, that's my job!  Well, I handled it with grace and aplomb, I brought him a stack of books that I thought his students would like!  I think he was a bit overwhelmed, I told him if those didn't work we could look into other options - ha!  BTW - I gave him Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little, Mallory on the Move, and Amelia's Notebook, so I'll let you know.  While checking out these books, I picked up The Plain Janes and started reading.  It's a graphic novel and as those books are more often than not checked out, I was happy to have a crack at it.  It grabs you right from the beginning, I'll give you that!  Looking forward to more perusing of that book tomorrow. 

In the meantime, I've also started the adorable The Private Thoughts of Amelia E. Rye and Notes From the Dog.  I still have The Rise of Renegade X  to finish on my Nook, and Three Black Swans to finish and return to the library.  More in my pile?  You bet, I have Aurora County All-Stars, Silent Boy, and more from my husband.  He is a genius at short story so I like to challenge him with contests or blog posts, check out his stuff below if you don't believe me! He is also in the midst of a wonderful novel that I'm all caught up with, so now he needs to write more of it, it's that good!

So how many books do you read at a time?  Can you keep them all straight? Do you feel you have to finish the book to count it as read?  Don't you think that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still the best written show around or has your mom 'bogarted' all the chips too?

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