Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

When you read a lot of books, do you ever get confused with the characters?  I was showing a colleague today the latest book trailer for Inheritance the last of the Eragon books.  I must admit I haven't read these books (I previously stated fantasy is not my favorite genre), but I know he loves these books so it was fun to watch him try to figure out the dragons.  Then he realized that he was confusing another series.  Ahh, the joy of reading too many books.

This situation has happened to me on some occasions, but my most notable encounter dealt with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (my FAVORITE HP book) and Star Wars Revenge of Sith.  I was at a luncheon after a funeral of all things, when I began discussing with a friend the trustworthiness of Snape.  ***side note, if you are one of those rare people living under a rock and don't know about Snape and Dumbledore, be forewarned, spoiler ahead****  I was convinced (rightly so) that Snape was good and was giving her all my reasons why he had to be good and possible motives for him to 'kill' Prof. Dumbledore.   She agreed with me, but then said, "I thought that too, but what about when he killed all those kids in that room."  I couldn't figure out what she was talking about and then it hit me.  "That wasn't Snape, that was Anakin!"  Boy did we have a laugh about that and sad to say, I don't think the mourners were too happy with us.

My husband mentioned me in a tweet today about freelance editing and included a link to an article:  As I read through this Q&A, I realized that I am a 'copy editor'.  I pore over every word that my husband writes, fixing spelling and inconsistencies as well as grammar.  I am not a content editor although I offer some suggestions about the story and character mapping, etc.  I love to read his work and it's my natural instinct to fix spelling and grammar and then put a big three-quarter square around some text with a question mark next to it.  That's my clue to tell him that something isn't right with that section - fancy right?  Glad to know my place though.

Last story of the night, my darling 4yo had quite a day at school - he kept kids from napping, he threw his glasses and broke them, and continued to throw a fit in the bathroom banging doors and shouting!  Suck!  We talked to him, he cried, we took out the big bucket and he really cried.  The big bucket is the land of the lost toys - lost to one sad little boy.  Bye-bye annoying loud noise making truck, hopefully next time your owner will make better choices! 

Now what to do about those glasses??!!! 

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