Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WTM: The Marriage Bed

This chapter made me say, "ahhhhhhh".  It was so sweet how special that bed is to Sal's grandpa.  I wonder what the bed looks like.  I imagine a headboard with think wood, but carved in the middle is a heart.  I also imagine four tall posts.

I also like that we get some more information about Grams and Gramps.  It's a nice insight to their relationship with each other and their children and grandchildren.

I thought it was interesting the questions Grams asked to Gramps to determine if he would be a good husband.  Do you think asking a boy how he treats his dog is a good way to see if he might make a good husband?

My favorite part of all was at the end of the chapter when Sal's grandpa said, "Well, this ain't our marriage bed, but it will do."  That made me smile :-)

What are your thoughts?  Til next time,  love always,